report cards.//05jan02
this amuses me muchly. some guy grading muppets and letters and movies he can't bare to watch in their entirety. definitely worth reading. and when i have money, i'm gonna get that longsleeve "wanker" tee.
sexy losers. bad bad bad bad bad.//30dec01
a friend told me that this made his brain burn. it makes me smile. i had issues. lots of porn and necrophilia and vulgarity and suicide and incest and just plain wrongness. not for kiddies.
exchange of anything//24dec01
what a brilliant site. lots of people exchanging lots of words, pictures, ideas, and just about anything else you can imagine. but this isn't like those silly swap sites where all you are swapping are consumer goods. no. here you swap creativity and beauty. wonderful wonderful stuff.
i adore this band. and their page is so keen. it's all blue and slidey. you should go see it. d/l some b-sides. and go buy their music. yes.

archive two//oct01
archive one//oct00

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